The True Fight

“The Idea is the Truth, the Rest is Delusion”

There is almost no one as fascinating to me as Helen Keller. No, really.  When I think about the years (almost six) Helen Keller spent without any access to language at all, I simply can’t imagine what it might have been like. Luckily, HK wrote all about it—much to her dismay. Keller was far more interested in politics, but she made a career out of talking and writing about her own personal history. Unfortunately for her, everyone was all like, wait, tell us again how you figured out the water in your hand corresponded to the words Anne Sullivan spelled in your palm! And HK obliged. So, to make a long story even longer, I wrote a piece on what this moment teaches us about reality.

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Giving Thanks.

Lucy and Jackson and a new boy in January. Atlanta and how it feels to pull off 75 at Freedom Parkway. Mike Epp’s 2009 standup (still thankful for that; will eternally be thankful.) Allie, even with cats. Spotify. Patrick Hezekiah. Outkast. For almost eighty years of Piggy. A magical sleepover with Clara. Spook. 10P and 15C. Steak and Shake. Drake in the second half of the Worst Behavior video. Avocados. Pio-Pio. Best Man and Best Man weekend. The kid who has that Michael Jackson routine on the A/C train. Montgomery for taking care of my girl. Sidewalk chalk and the DJ with the boom-box at summer block parties in Bedstuy.

Too much family to count, meaning I may be able to eternally avoid cooking on Thanksgiving. On that note, for Seamless. Luther singing live, Aretha singing live. BLSA. Los Angeles, CA, for giving Bee back. Samantha and Cambridge Commons. Cambridge and Wendell Street. Cambridge and leaving Cambridge. OMG, for black twitter. Glenny. For Vine. Claire’s countless talents, and Claire even without them. The B44 bus. The Hannuns. The posters and seltzer at CPD. ALoch’s clarity. Pistachio ice cream, which turns out to be a sleeper hit. 

Dr. Nash(s). Richmond, CA, for standing up to Wall Street. Trayvon, Renisha, Jonathan, Marissa. Amagansett in October and also in May, the eleven pairs of headphones my friends bought me for my birthday (all lost already). For paz, and also Paz. For peaches and Peaches. Also, for Silva lining. For Meens. For whatever algorithm randomly put me next to Kevin in Torts in 2010. Kevin, for finding Julie. Used bookstores with Jay, plus every text he's ever sent me. My stand-in parents Ralph/Amy/Maya/Tony/Geri/Ed. Mark Emmerich for a million reasons. Rich. The luck of seeing Josh in Atlanta and in NYC. 2013, for gracing me with Ben Harmon and Amina and Marbre. Charlyn, her son, and also her son’s playlists. 

For Leslie Woodard and Carl Gebo, two people who completely changed my life. For Alexa. For Jon Hanson. But also for being done with school forever.

For New York. For professional Michael Redding and our client, who will soon be free after twenty years in prison. For party Michael Redding. For Lil and Em. For cheesy things like forgiveness and patience.

Kiese, for too many things to count. For Holiday Inn Express. For Candace, both brain and heart. For the single best e-mail chain of all time. For bail, immigration, and drug reform. For Gene and Norrene. For Alexandra, for Bronwen, for 3rd Ave. For rediscovering Jello. Of course, Elian and Jonathan, for the light that is Oren. For 23 of Rosa P. And last but certainly not least, for Young Jeezy. 

Thankful thankful thankful thankful. Happy Thanksgiving.